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Gauteng Canoe Union

The Gauteng Canoe Union is the second largest in terms of registered paddlers, and hosts a thriving long distance (LD) season, much of which is based on the many excellent training dams in the greater Gauteng area. In 2002, Gauteng and Northern Gauteng merged to form a single Union, known as the Gauteng Canoe Union.

The mission of the Gauteng Canoe union is to provide a canoeing environment that will produce canoeists from all communities with national, world championship and Olympic potential in all the various “disciplines” as well as satisfying the needs of all members for recreational canoeing.

The Gauteng Canoe Union is affiliated to Canoeing South Africa. The chairman of each of the representative provinces represents that province on the CSA executive Committee.

CSA is affiliated to SASCOC as well as the International Canoeing Federation who administers canoeing internationally.