Centurion 9 Miler – Rietvlei dam – Saturday 27 July 2019

Feedback – Centurion 9 Miler at Rietvlei dam is on Saturday 27 July2019


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Thank you to Neels and Louise Jackson and Adolf Joubert!!

The mild winter days currently in Gauteng ensured an enjoyable 9 Miler race at Rietvlei dam with nearly 100 paddlers on the water also providing a social enjoyable group for a superb training race!  Here is a brief summary of the top podium positions/ categories/age groups!

The first lady winners were Sarah Robinson with Carol Reeves (Dabs) who finished the +- 15 km race in 1 hour 21 minutes, as the 16th K2 overall, while Alexis Rich from Dabs was the first K1 lady finisher in 1 hour 24 minutes.  Nadine Norval and Lydia Opperman from Centurion were the 3rd lady finishers in a time of 1 hour 29 minutes.

The top finishers were a very competitive bunch in the older age categories with Loveday Zondi and Alex Roberts finishing first as the first Sub Veterans in 1 hour 9 minutes and 50 seconds (VIC/Dabs) with  Gustav Radloff and Anthony Rowan (Cen/Dabs) taking 2nd place 1 second later as first Sub Master combination, and 1 second after them, and 1 more second later were the first Masters – Wally Fisher and Pieter Engelbrecht (Cen/ERK)…..

Siyabonga Tyiki partnered with Bradley Boulle (Dabs) finished next in 4th place overall as the first Under 23 team, in 1 hour 11 minutes, while the Centurion Grand masters were the 5th K2 to cross the finish line in 1 H 12 minutes bringing in Theo Smit and Pierre van der Merwe!

Kobus and Caroline Filmalter were the 1st Mixed Doubles finisher as well as the First Veteran K2 finishers crossing the finish line in 1 hour 13 (Wat(, followed by a Sowetan team as first Juniors, Under 18’s Bambo Fanteni and Benjamin Mntonintshi – 1 second later!

The first K3 finisher from Dabs included Chad Andrews, Kevin Hunt and Jaco Lategan in 1 hour 15, while the Great Grand masters podium position went to Dabs team in 1 hour 21 minutes as the 13th K2 to finish, Brian Longley and Peter O Connor …..and the first Sub Grand master finisher was Willem Burger (Dabs) in 1 hour 25 minutes…..

The under 16 top finishers were Eben Van der Westhuizen and Gareth Barberton in 1h25, (Cen/ACD) .

A festive atmosphere is always enjoyed before and after the race with welcoming fires, food, coffee, prizegiving and lucky draws and paddlers went home feeling good after their excellent training session!