The Centurion 9 Miler started off with a crash bang lightning storm, with claps of thunder and buckets of rain, including some hail before the weather cleared, warmed up and by the end of the race clear sunshine paddlers were taking off pogies, beanies and scarves after first laps and it was a thoroughly enjoyable 16km training opportunity with nearly 80 paddlers for company and a dam surface as smooth as glass.

The winning K2 were Dabs James Godden and Luke Symons in 1:21 as first Veterans, with Phineas Zulu partnered with Alex Roberts (D|Sow/Dabs) in 1:21 and the third podium position was taken up by Wally Fisher and Gustaf\v Radloff (CEN) in 1:21:45 AS THE WINNING Sub Masters – all 3 boats one second apart!


The Sub Veteran winners were next in 4th – James Thorburn and Duncan James (BLU from EC / CEN) bringing in the ringers – finishing in 1:23, while the first Veterans finished next within subseconds to take 5th – Nicholas Warren with Andrew Cooper (Dabs).

The Great Grandmasters who still dominant the top positions in marathon racing finished as 9th K2 in 1:28 – Vincent Buttrick and Brian Longley. The first Under 23 team finished as 13t6h K2 from Soweto – Tshidiso Bobo and Mziwenkosi Thinta in 1:30, while the first Sub Grand Master finisher was Theo Smith (Cen) in 1:31, although in the K2 race, the podium position winner for this age group would be Kim Leslie and Dan Willemse (CEN) in 1:41.

Nicolas and Ruth Oldert (Dabs) were the first Mixed Double finishers as 15th K2 in 1:32, while the first Master finisher was Kevin Middleton (Dabs) although once again the K2 Master podium finishers in this K2 race were Bryan Slater and Graham Neate (Dabs) in 1:34, as 19th K2.


First finishing juniors were Lona Magadla and Xolisa Gxobole (Sow) in 1:36 as Under 18 top finishers, although there were Under 14 finishers as well from Soweto – Zanenhlanhla Mbala and Benjamin Mntonintshi. In 1:45 as 29th K2.

Keith Beeston with John Rowan (JCC/ERK ) were the Grand Master first finishers as K2 30th in 1:46.

With the usual festive spirit after the race (apart from the sherry) paddlers left for home in good spirits!

Thanks to Centurion for their usual friendly kickstarting to the serious Pre Fish pre season training opportunity!

Jennie Dallas


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