Hi All,

The marathon event for the 14th Oct at JCC ,Wemmer Pan , is going full steam ahead.

Thanks to Eurosteel for coming on board as the national Super Sport TV sponsor.

Hank McGregor and Andy Birkett will be there.

We want to use the event to nationally celebrate our new marathon world champs and give them the national coverage that they so rightly deserve and showcase the Sports4life Sport Development ,Education and Medical Care
Centre that we hope to establish at Wemmer Pan.

I have an amazing 1’30” event promo video that we filmed last Tues morning at 5.30 am at JCC/Wemmer Pan.

The paddlers were up real early. If any of you would like a copy to send to your whatsapp groups ,FBook …etc, please send me a whatsapp and I will forward it to you.

We still need to cover the costs of the social media promo video filming and also the prize money….which I am

hoping will be very rewarding to paddlers.

If you are part of a company or connected via friends to a company that may want some amazing national TV coverage ,in exchange for helping with the operational costs of the event ,please connect with me asap as I need to get everything tied up and tidy asap.

This is a K1 event , but K2’s and K3’s will be welcome to enter.

I have a dream to get at least 200 boats on the water to create a great vibe and to showcase our sport to the national watching TV public .

Bring family and friends to spectate and to help create an awesome vibe.

Registration will start at 7 am.

Racing starts at 8 am.

Race distances are :6 km , 12km , 16 km and 21 km. We will allow anyone to enter any distance regardless of their age.

There will be a portage every 4 km.

Prize money will go to the first 3 in the event ,so long as there are more than 3 per event category.

There will be a Guppy event starting at 10 am.

I really want our kids to be able to watch and be inspired by our world champions and our top paddlers.

Event entry will be through the CSA entry portal and entry fees will be R90 per adult and R50 per scholar.

Pete Rossouw,


Cell : 082 895 8129.