What a glorious winter Highveld Day when over 40 boats lined up on the banks of the Klip river Danie Maclean Park, to paddle to the Watuni clubhouse on the Vaal River, at the North West University Campus, on Saturday 25 June 2016…..


The 25km race mostly on flat water, nearly half on the Vaal known to be a resistant stretch of water (THE only “uphill” river in the world!!) , provided excellent strength, endurance and stamina training for those preparing for Berg or Fish building up mileage and fitness!


The organisers would appreciate YOUR feedback on the new course… opposed to the old course which was out and back from Watuni grounds, on the Vaal, up the Taaibos, and back down into the Vaal which was tough and I certainly preferred the new course with the more interesting part of the Klip despite no rapids except caravan park at the start so sluggish flow!  and it was STILL a tough event!    There were MORE participants than previous years where the race has been almost called off due to lack of support….

PLEASE WOULD ALL EMAIL YOUR FEEDBACK AND COMMENTS ON THE COURSE / DISTANCE ETC – we realise race organisers cannot PLEASE everybody but feedback is taken into consideration and the goal is to accommodate everybody’s needs….

The winner of the race was K1 Alex Masina (JCC), as first Under 18 Junior, in a time of 2 hours 3 minutes with Kobus Filmalter (WAT) in 2nd place as first Veteran, some 4 seconds later, followed by Michael Stewart and then Liam Stewart (ERK) the Top Sub Master finisher and 2nd Under 18 in times of 2 hours 4 minutes and 2 hours 7 minutes respectively with the first K2 half a minute behind the singles bringing in Rod Penaluna and Nkosi Mzolo (Dabs/Sow).

Morgan Ziervogel (JCC) was the first lady finisher, in a time of 2 hours 23 minutes, with Sylvia Nel was the 2nd lady as Master paddler in 2 hours 55 minutes – the race is hosted annually in memory of her deceased husband and its always a pleasure to have her at the race.

The first Under 23 finishers were Emile Theunissen and Matthew van der Merwe (Dabs/FLO) in 2 hours 12 minutes, and the first Sub Veteran finisher was George Louw in 2 hours 14 minutes.

The winning Mixed double in a time of 2 hours 14 minutes was the third K2 finisher and 2nd Veterans, Sean and Sarah Evans (Dabs) and Meyer Steyn (Dabs) was the first Grand Master finisher in 2 hours 19 minutes.

Grant Conlon (VLC) was the first Master finisher in 2 hours 24 minutes, while the first K3 from JCC brought in  Mark Hall, Martin Sly and Paul Chappel in 2 hours 25 minutes….

Carel van Biljon (Dabs) won the title of first Sub Grand Master finisher in a time of 2 hours 27 minutes.

Delicious hamburgers and a hot fire warmed the chilled paddlers in the glorious winter sunshine after the race which was enjoyed by all – Thanks Watuni for super hospitality!


Jennie Dallas

for GCU PR

082 857 857 1