FEEDBACK – The Dabulamanzi Duzi Jozi Jol – Sunday 4 February 2018

The Dabulamanzi Duzi Jozi Jol – on Sunday 4 February was a whole host of fun, and excellent training…..recognised as the 2nd largest race in Gauteng for the past racing year (after Liebensbergvlei) there were paddlers of all ages, from the Dusi wannabees and havebeens, to the social crowd, and including the juniors……awesome vibe, great food thanks LYNCS and the kitchen breakfast too!

The weather started off overcast and a bit cool but it warmed into a scorcher as paddlers ran on the portages.

The top finishers per age category in the main race included very impressive Under 14 finish from Finlay Leask, (Dabs)as 8th K1 in 1:57 while the only ladies K2  team finished as 21st K2 in 1:58 – Holly Spencer and Daniela Afonso – (Dabs).  Sonja Bohnsack also finished the main race as the only lady in a K1, in 2 : 17 as a Master lady finisher!

The top 3 finishers – among our most competitive partnerships were Loveday Zondi with Thando Ngamlana (SOW) in 1:27:21 first, with Piers Cruickshanks and Zonele Nzuza (Dabs/SOW) in 2nd place in 1:27:23 some 2 seconds later – a tough tight competition, and Phineas Zulu with Tom Ngcobo in 3rd, (SOW) in 1:31, followed by the 4th place finishers, Under 18 team – Wongama Makhasi and Zanenhlanhla Mbala (SOW) in 1:33.

Alex Roberts finished as the First K1 and first Sub Veteran (Dabs) in 1:39, while Collen Gibbs and Roger Stubbs (Dabs) were the First Veterans to finish 13 seconds later followed by the first Father / Son team –  Michael and Liam Stewart (ERK) in 1:39:32.  2 seconds after that the first Under 23 team crossed the finish banner – Sowetans Sibusiso Chwayi and Lona Magadla.

Luke Symons (Dabs) finished as the 2nd K1, and first Sub Master in 1:39.
Tommy Booth and Pieter Engelbrecht made up good time after taking a wrong turn on the portage, and finished as the first SUB VETERAN K2, in this K2 year, in a time of 1:43 (ERK), and the K2 Sub Master top finishers in 1:46 were Dabs’ Nicholas Warren and Patrick Reeves.  Further to the K2 achievers, the first K2 Veteran finishers were Mike Howard and Ray Davidson (ERK) in 2:29 !

James Crichton (Dabs) was the first Grand Master K1 finisher in 2:10, and the first Sub Grand Master to finish were VIC’s   in 2:11…..Konstantinos (Zach) Zacharopoulos and Tim Baker!

Everybody was a bit tireder, and a bit fitter at the end of the tough competitive event and all enjoyed the opportunity!

Jennie Dallas
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