Thanks to Ekurhuleni Kayak Club based at Homestead Dam, Benoni for providing Gautengers with the Marathon Championships – and a good turnout it was considering that its really tough hard work, and good resistance training – well done to all who participated from Under 8 through to the Great Grand Masters!


The morning was really chilly with chop on the water, and very thick mist but the tough hardy paddlers in all age groups hit the water running to impress spectators with their skill and speed getting in and out of the boats at portages with interesting competitive bunches jousting for positions on the laps…..

With over 60 participants in the various age categories as well as another 13 in the guppies age group, the water was busy as different age groups competed in different distances per the SA Marathon criteria, which makes it quite tricky to do the race report and hopefully this feedback is a fairly accurate if confusing presentation of the top 3 finishers per age group.

The results are grouped per age group but the top finishers leading the race from start to finish was Wayne Jacobs (DABS) who finished the requisite 22.5 kms in 1:38:53 having jostled for position against young Under 23 Siseko Ntondini (SOW) who finished in 1:38:55.  Alex Masina who finished the same distance as Under 18 youth, finished the race in 1 hour 42 minutes and 18 seconds – all leading the first bunch also including Michael Stewart (Sub Master) who finished in 1:42:40.

The ladies did very well with Sarah Robinson finishing her 22.5kms with portages in 1 hour 58 minutes, followed by Natalie Coetzee (Watuni)) in 2:16 and Anna Clifford Arwidi (Dabs) finished comfortably as Sub Master female,  in 1 hour 40, having completed the distance required of 18.9km including portages.  Sneziwe Gxobole (SOW) finished her Under 23 ladies distance of 18.9 km in 2:07 and the Under 16’s lady winner was Alexis Rich (Dabs) in 1:49 having completed 18.9 as well.

The Senior Men’s race which was shortened to 22.5km brought in the 2nd bunch of finishers led by Zonele Nzuza in 1:42:20, Phineas Zulu 2 seconds later, and Loveday Zondi in 1:44 (SCARC racing team).

The Under 23 winner mentioned as overall 2nd place Siseko Ntondini in 1:38 (SOW) was followed by Nicholas Weeks (ERK) in 1:44 and Melusi Nxumalo (FLO ) in 1:48 while the Under 18’s Alex Masina (JCC) who was in the front bunch finishing in 1:42, was followed by Liam Stewart (ERK) in 1;46 and Xolisa Gxobole (SOW) in 2:00.

The Under 16 boys  finished their 22.5 km race and were led by Jonathan Jooste (LIK) in 1:51, with Zanenhlanhla Mbala 2nd (Sow) in 1:59, and Benjamin Mntonintshi (SOW) in 2:09 in third.

Sub veterans were led by Wayne Jacobs mentioned as the overall winner in 1:38, with Marco Magni finishing in 1:46, (Both Dabs) and Elton Du Preez (CEN) finishing in 1:52 in third.

The Veteran winner was Watuni’s Kobus Filmalter in 1:44:41,  with Roy Clegg (VIC) 2nd in 1:47 and Sean Evans (Dab) in 1:49 .

In the Sub Master age category, Michael Stewart (ERK) won the same distance for his age category in 1:42:40, with Nicholas Warren, and Gunther Grune taking 2nd and 3rd Sub Master spot – still using the same basic 22.5 km distance race in 1:48 and 1:58 respectively.

Still on the same distance format the Masters race was led by Colin Wilson in 1:49 (Dabs) with Mike Barry (ERK) in 1:51 and Mark Handley (VIC) 30 seconds later.

Nicolas Oldert finished the 18.9 km Sub Grand Master race with portages in 1:26, with Hardus Theunissen (FLCC)  2nd in 1:40, and Jim Davies (Dabs) 3rd in 1:41. The Grand Master winners were Theo Smith (CEN) and Chris Visser (Dabs) in 1:27 and 1:33 respectively.

The Great Grandmasters are waived the privilege of the portage and raced the 18.0 with Peter O Connor and Brian Longley leading (Dabs) finishing in 1:31 : 40 and 1:31:42, and Frank Dabrowski (Dabs) 3rd GGM in 1:37.

The Under 14 paddlers who completed 15.3kms were led by Ayanda Chwayi (Sow) in 1:18 with Megan Oelofse (LIK) finishing in 1:28 and Connor Erwee (Dabs) in 1;35 – among the very few Under 14 brave enough to take on the over 15km distances required after graduating from the 6km marathon distance expected of an Under 12 – well done!

The guppy girls were out in full force with Under 12 ladies finishing their 6km in 40 minutes, 41, and 44 minutes respectively bringing in Kamilah Hank (FLO) Jo Ane Prinsloo (LIK) and Tinyiko Mahwayi (SOW), with the boys were led by Finlay Leask (Dabs) in 38 minutes, Nicholas Erwee (Dabs) 39 minutes and LUthando Gxobole (SOW) 3rd in 44 minutes.

Under 10 girls race won by Ameerah Hank  (FLCC) in 29 minutes and the boys race was led by Theo Dreyer (Dabs) in 25 minutes, with Lyton Oelofse (LIK) 2nd in 26 minutes and Tome Dos Santos (Dabs) finishing 3rd in 29 minutes.

Luke and Matthew Wilson (Dabs) were the Under 8 champions of the day finishing in 31 minutes with 10 and 17 seconds respectively.

A wonderful day of racing that warmed up nicely on an awesome dam, with good food drinks and warm fire to welcome the triumphant finishers as well as the seconds!

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