To streamline pre-entry processes and junior paddler registration all remaining ten GCU School league paddler entries in the 2018 race series are to be made via the CSA online entry system.
No manual entries or email entries will be accepted.
The GCU school league registration team are not be able to accept any late entries on race day.  Therefore it is imperative that flat water proficiencies and all paddler paperwork is completed and timeously submitted to clubs and the GCU before online entries close.
No cash will be accepted on race day all entries must be paid for in advance on the CSA online entry system.
Parents, coaches, teachers, team leaders & paddlers … who have already emailed a pre entry through to GCU school League will need to enter their paddler(s) on the CSA online entry system.  
This applies to all paddlers wishing to compete in a GCU school league race.
The next GCU school league will be on the 25 February entries close 20 February.
Thank you to Rene for loading all the races on the CSA entry system.
Here is a summary of the races dates along with the date that online entries close:
GCU School League race series 2018
Race # Date Day Registration Time Host Club Venue Discipline Entries close (Midnight) Entry fee per paddler for the day
2 25.Feb Sunday 7.15am VLC Germiston LD, 500m & 200m Tuesday 20th February 2018 50
3 04.Mar Sunday 7.15am JCC Wemmer Pan LD, 500m & 200m Tuesday 27th February 2018 50
4 17.Mar Saturday 7.15am ACA Roodeplaat LD, 500m & 200m Monday 12th March 2018 70
5 15.Apr Sunday 7.15am FLCC Florida LD Tuesday 10th April 2018 50
6 27.May Sunday 7.15am VLC Germiston LD Tuesday 22nd May 2018 50
7 02.Jun Saturday 7.15am ERK Homestead LD Tuesday 29th May 2018 70
8 29.Jul Sunday 7.15am ERK Homestead LD Tuesday 24th July 2018 50
9 29.Sept Saturday 3pm ERK Homestead LD Monday 24th September 2018 50
10 13.Oct Saturday 3pm DABS Emmarentia LD Monday 8th October 2018 50
11 04.Nov Sunday 7.15am ERK Homestead LD Monday 22nd October 2018 50