Results for the Fish River Marathon can be found on their website HERE

However, clubs and province indication is not included – so a accurate feedback report will not be possible until receipt of the full information / race results from John Oliver are received.

In the meantime we have no hesitation in congratulating Wayne Jacobs (Dabs) who with partner Hank McGregor finished in 2nd place, in an extremely competitive and exciting race in a time of 04h42h44 having shot Cradock Weir in first place, when Mclaren/Mocke combo just nipped them at the finish line by only split seconds!!

It does look like the second Gauteng finishers were Loveday Zondi / Alex Roberts (VLC/Dabs) in 15th position -05h04h49, however I apologise if any other surnames are Gautengers that I may have missed due to the information on club/province not being reflected on the results.

And hopefully I’m right that the third Gauteng boat was Visser/Smook (Lowveld? Centurion?) in 5h05h25 /

Ntondini and Erwee 31st?  5h18h49

followed by ROBB/BOULLE 32nd…..5h18h49.

These are the surnames I do recognise as definately Gautengers and again I apologise if I missed any that I dont pesonally know!

A full race report on Gauteng achievers can be done upon receipt of the full race results in due course once available!

Well done!


Photos can be found on the Fish River Facebook – many of which have been shared to https://www.facebook.com/GautengCanoeUnion/