Race Report: School League Roodeplaat : Sun 14 Sept 2014


More than 75 junior paddlers participated in the school league race at Roodeplaat Dam on Sunday 14 September 2014, in splendid summer heat.  The age appropriate races, earning points for the school league log for the individuals, the school and club represented, were followed by K4 fun races where the improvement of synchronicity and timing was visible in some of the boats manned by youngest paddlers from the beginning to the end of the short 2km race.

Once again there were a number of first time paddlers who took on the challenges, most of whom raced the main race distances, however there were a few really new youngsters intimidated by the large dam and scary sounding distances who participated in a close to shore shorter NOVICE race feeling very proud of their achievements and the medals they received.

The C1 paddlers were in action on the dam, completing this difficult discipline in a shorter race distance than the normal K1 racers, and are all representatives of the Academy of Canoe Development at Roodeplaat.  In the Under 12 age group, the 4km paddlers were Valentine Dlahmini, Alfred Sebola and Wesley Dibakwane, while Johannes Marulane paddled 6km in the Under 14 age category, as did Donald Rahlagone in the Under 16s.

In the K1 discipline, the Under 18 boys sprinted across the finish line with barely a gap between them with Colin Ledwaba, Archie Moncho and Peter Chissano in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position (VIC, FLCC, JCC) finishing their 10km race in 55.59, 56.06 and 1 hour.

The Under 16 boys finished their 10km race in 55.53, 56.14 and 1.02 led by Alex Masina, with Jonty Griesel in 2nd place and Buti Lamola 3rd (JCC, LIK, ACD), while the only Under 16 girl to race the 10km earned her medal, on her very first school league race – Marcelle Oosthuizen with a time of 1 hour 22 minutes (ACD).

In the Under 14 race, Jonathan Jooste, Wian Bornman and Lucky Moloto were the three leaders with their finishing 10km times being 56.08, 56.29 and 56.44 (Lik, Lik, ACD) and the girls times were 1 hour, 1.16, and 1.31 respectively  with Caroline van der Linde, Jamie Wellish and Megan Hendri who also finished her first school league race (LIK/VIC/ACD).

Jayden Hunt led the Under 12 race, with Keletso Leope and Alfred Ralhahane in 2nd and 3rd, (FLCC, ACD, ACD) with their times for the 6km race being 41.04, 41.25 and 44.14, with Megan Oelofse, Abigail Bezuidenhout and Dineo Malope taking the honours in 39.50, 40,18 and 43.15 – (LIK, LIK, ACD) while newcomer Under 12 first race finisher Danika Oosthuizen  (ACD) was also recognised for her effort in taking on the 6km race.

The Under 8 and Under 10 juniors finished a 4km course, with Matthew van der Merwe, Spuko Machete and Chentin Mienie on the podium, (FLCC/ACD/LIK) in the Under 10 boys with their times being 27.24, 27.46 and 27.53, with Theo Dreyer, Lyton Oelofse and Ryan Macpherson  winning gold, silver and bronze in the Under 8 boys (DABS, LIK, DABS) and achieving the times of 28.05, 28.57 and 33.22.

The Under 10 girls winners were Anya Bohman, Leigh Champion and Emma Renouprez in 32.48, 36.32 and 40.31.

The children enjoy their races and are improving gradually throughout the year, adding mileage, speed and technique to their skills group.

The next School league race takes place at Florida Lake Canoe Club on Saturday 4 October, while the final race of the year will be at Emmarentia Dam on Saturday 8 November.

Thank you to Academy of Canoe Development for hosting the event, and providing support, rescue boat and marshalls, as well as ensuring that food and drinks were available on sale, and providing the K4 challenge!

Jennie Dallas

GCU School League Co-ordinator