A huge thank you to Jodie Dreyer and her team of helpers – for all the efforts to put the GCU Sprints, SA Sprints, and SA School Sprints together – MUCH appreciated!
Dear all
a. Important information
b. paddlers entries
c. information on provinces, schools, clubs and categories of paddlers that have entered.
Thankyou to everyone who has entered.
IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE – please check paddler entries if I have made an inadvertent error please email me any changes before 12noon Thursday 29.03.18.
Important for K2: If you entered for K2 please confirm your K2 partner before SA Schools (before 12noon Thursday 29.03.18).
Thankyou to Eurosteel, GARA, 2Orange, Adreach, HPTraining, Bio Natural Oils, Grootbos Green Futures Foundation, Maverick branding, RWTSA. Lemon Tree, SSG, NSRI and St Johns Ambulance.
Thank you to:
Chad, Rene, Jennie and Bertie at GCU.
Kim, Janet, Walter, Colin and Craig at CSA.
John and Lorna for taking on the timekeeping (a thousand thankyous)
Peter Heidstra, Gauteng Rowing Association.
Philip and Esti from Academy.
Helpers: Anna Edwards, Elaine Giddings, Jacques Hanekom, Karin van der Linde, Paul Dreyer, Shelly Robertson, Sipho Qoko,  Mike (JCC), Lordes Batista, Ursula Renouprez, Kim Faure, JP Renouprez, Geoff Asman, Londiwe Mthabela, Sue Wilmot, Hazel Tumiel, Tamlyn Webber, Brad Webber, Doreen Johnstone and Michelle Smith.
Wishing you all safe travels.
See you all very soon