Steve Jourdan – GCU – nominated for World Paddle Awards 2015!!

Gauteng Canoe Union is VERY proud that one of its members has been nominated for this prestigious award!!
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Details of Steve Jourdan’s nomination / achievements and Information here:

STEVE JOURDAN (South Africa) – Nominee for Lifetime AchievementBorn: 1948, Sport: Canoe Marathon, Represents: South Africa


The South African Canoe Marathon team has Steve Jourdan to part-thank for their many successes, who are hailed as one of the world’s top racing teams. As an active paddler himself, Mr Jourdan has managed this team for the past 13 years, and has become an imperative member of marathon racing family internationally.

Steve’s leadership and passion for the sport is the envy of every country in the world. This enthusiasm is carried through to this athletes with the whole team now being respected worldwide for their professionalism, spirit and energy both on and off the water.

Under his mentorship the South African marathon team has won 42 medals and produced 18 World Champions, with the team being ranked the number one men’s kayak team in the world in 2014 and in the top three in 2015.

Steve also played a vital role in the success of the masters competition. He has realised the importance that these athletes play in terms of the development of marathon racing and has lead the South African masters team to the number one spot in the world. Steve, himself, even won a Bronze medal in 2014 in his age category.

Steve has played a major role in building marathon racing as a brand and continuously leads by example ensuring that every team member becomes part of the family who buys into the values that he has installed.

His impact on marathon racing stems further than just his South African counterparts. There may not be an ICF marathon official, marathon organiser, team manager or volunteer anywhere in the marathon world who has not been influenced by his energy, passion and commitment over the past 13 years.

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For his tireless dedication, passion and service to canoe marathon racing both within South Africa and internationally, Steve Jourdan is being nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Activities and Achievements off water:

  • Career: Steve is fully employed as the Director of the ADreach Foundation who run the following initiatives:

– Youth Development through Sport, running the Soweto Canoe and Recreational Club (SCARC) teaching young under privileged  black children how to paddle, using paddle sport to teach them the crucial life skills that are required to achieve overall success. Their club members are now amongst the top canoeists in the country and have achieved great scholastic results.

– He runs the WastePreneurs initiative providing unemployed waste collectors with opportunities to develop a career in waste recycling.

– Assists young Black Business Men to create entrepreneurial skills to run their own Media Businesses.

  • Steve serves on the Committee of the Dabulamanzi Canoe Club, one of the largest canoe clubs in the country with just over 1000 members.
  • Steve has also served as a Board Member of Canoeing South Africa and has served on the South African Marathon Committee.