UMKOMAAS MARATHON – some info from Malcolm Stothard of interest …..
Hi All
Lots of novices want to do Umko but are afraid that they might not handle the big rapids on day two.
The organisers have listened to paddlers requests, and you can do the easier day two option.
This is your chance to see the mighty Umko and paddle in the most beautiful valley in SA………read below and get your entries in.
STIHL Umkomaas Marathon
28 & 29 March 2020, River rating A+
Helmets and PFD’s compulsory. All safety equipment to comply with CSA specifications
Please note all paddler’s to be 16 on day of race if doing the full course,no exceptions made.
There will be a Batch starting below No.8 on Day 2 for those who are new to the Umko, or not wanting to take on the bigger No.1 to No.8 rapids. This effectively opens the race for any A rated paddler, and is meant as a gateway to doing the full race in the future. Anyone doing this will be credited with an Umko finish, but will not be eligible for the racing prizes. U16 entries will be accepted for this Batch.
Day 1
Josephine’s Bridge to Riverside – 35km
Start time: 08h00
Reverse order start
Day 2
Hella Hella to Josephine’s Bridge – 32km
Start time: 07h00
Reverse order start
Normal entries close on the 20th of March 2020. A late entry fee applies after this date. T-shirts are not guaranteed for late entrants.
Prize Giving
Richmond Country Club – No Later than 12H45
Lunch will be served free of charge to paddlers, a limited number of tickets will be on sale for family, friends and seconds.
Umko Novices
For those first timers there are a few options available. Paddle the first day from Josephine’s Bridge to Riverside, a relatively easy section. If you are not feeling comfortable with the idea of paddling from Hella Hella on day two then simply start at Number 8. Make your decision on Sunday morning,
you will still be credited with an Umko finish however you will not qualify for prizes other than the lucky draws.
Marshals at all major rapids
Overnight Camp at Hella Hella
The traditional overnight camp will be held at Hella-Hella for those paddler’s wanting to enjoy the true spirit of the Umkomaas Canoe Marathon.
Accommodation in the form of three dormitories housing 100 beds is available. We have reached an agreement with the landowner at Hella Hella to allow private camping. There are a number of options available for those wanting to spend Saturday night at Hella Hella.
Accommodation Rates(own linen must be supplied)
Camping Saturday night with 3 meals
Dorm bed Saturday night with 3 meals
Dorm bed Friday and Saturday nights with 3 meals(Sat)
Please note, those staying over on Friday night will have to cater for themselves
Please note that you will required you own second to get your vehicle to the finish of the first day and then from Hella-Hella to Josephine’s Bridge on Day 2
Boat Repairs
Boat repairs will be available at Hella-Hella from midday until 6pm on Saturday