Upcoming: 50 Miler Lettie Paddler Race Rules – 6 and 7 December 2014


6 & 7 December 201407h00

Day 1          : Mission Rapid –Marrianne Foley

Day 2          : Marianne Foley – Dip Tank (see pic below)

Start day 1 – 29 37 26.53S   30 34 54.34E

Finsh day 1/day 2 start – 29 39 25.35S 30 41 06.05E

Finish day 2 – 29 41’ 21.44”S   30 48’ 16.17”E

Things are hotting up for this weekend’s 50 Miler. The guys tripped the route on Sunday and had an absolute blast! With the water already in the system combined with the Henley Dam release it’s going to give us an awesome race!

Batches will go out via KNCU newsletter and sms on Thursday

Race registration 5pm-7pm Friday 5 December at Keg & Trout, Hillcrest

Entries are still open until 16h00 on 3 December via the CSA online entry system

Awesome race t shirts and caps for all entrants!!

Enquiries admin@50miler.co.za


50 Miler Race Rules

Please note that the race course set out below is designed to maximise paddling options for participants. Paddlers may portage a rapid if they are uncertain of their ability or have damaged equipment. All such portaging must take place within 50 metres of the river.
Any paddler who passes beyond any section demarcated by chevron tape will be disqualified, and where it is deemed that this is a flagrant and deliberate violation of these rules, further sanction may be possible.

Although every effort will be made to help and guide paddlers in rapids, it is the responsibility of every paddler to familiarise themselves with the rapids, the race course and the possible dangers.  Most of the information that unsure paddlers need is available on either www.50miler.co.za or www.myriver.co.za

All paddlers will be issued with a wristband. It is compulsory to wear this for the duration of the event. Failure to do so could result in disqualification.

It is essential that if you withdraw from the race that you inform the officials in person oron 0834504075.

Other emergencies: Andre –  073 440 3819

Day 1: Start day 1 – 29 37 26.53S 30 34 54.34E


Mission Rapid – shoot as usual. (marshals)
Fingerneck – compulsory paddle around Finger Neck (marshals)
Cabbage Tree – compulsory paddle
Dusi Bridge – Compulsory portage. Takeout is approx. 10m before the bridge, portage UNDER the bridge on the right hand side and put in immediately after bridge.

1st Saddle – Compulsory paddle, do not portage. Stay in the river all the way down to bell rapid marshals. (Portaging may be unsafe and will result in disqualification)

Bell Rapid
–Shoot as instructed, look for marshals on left hand side. Do not shoot on river right. Portage left bank. (marshals)
2ndSaddle -Compulsory portage. Will be marked.(security) It is imperative that all paddlers are familiar with where this take out is!
Confluence to Marianne Foley, shoot as usual.Stay in the river. (marshals)
The Slide/Willems Chute/Ibis Point. (marshals& NSRI)
Paddlers may use the usual Dusi route at Willems Chute to paddle/portage. However we encourage paddlers to shoot The Slide, where there will be marshals and safety crews on duty. Please note that Ibis Point rapid 100m below The Slide may not be paddled under any circumstances.Portage on left bank. Any paddlers that survive shooting Ibis Point will be disqualified!
Gauging weir is shootable as usual


The finish:  29 39 25.35S 30 41 06.05E

700m below Marianni-Foley causeway
NB – This year day 2 will be from the day 1 finish point below Marianne Foley to Dip Tank.

Day 2: 29 39 25.35S 30 41 06.05E

Ngumeni Hill (2.8km)–(Compulsory portage to bypass Mamba Gorge). The take-out will have chevron tape. Portage up any of the paths to the top of the hill, the descent must be down the road. Don’t cut through any private land or planted fields.

The big three!

These three rapids are tricky but within the capabilities of most paddlers and will be manned by both Umzinyathi marshals and the NSRI.

If you are unsure and want to portage, put in at the bottom of Ngumeni Hill and paddle through the first small bubbly on the right of the river. Take out on the rocks on the left bank soon after and portage down the path through the thorn trees for 400m. Paddle down looking for the channel on the right until you see marshals and NSRI rescue (about 500m) indicating Hippo Rapid. Portage over the rock on the right.

Gum tree –The marshals will direct you towards them indicating the correct line.

Thombi – Look out for the marshals and only shoot right of the pinnacle. The left line must be considered extremely dangerous so unless you know exactly where to go stay right.

Hippo – can be shot eitherdown the right channel or if indicated to do so by marshals down the centre left drop. The left line must also be considered extremely dangerous, stay right unless you are sure of the line.

Marriotts – (9.00km)Follow the water moving from left to right, enjoy.

Sand pirate excavations – In the flat section (aprox. 10.5km) there is an extensive sand pirate excavation in progress, stay clear of the machinery.

Big Bend  (12.2km) take either left or right fork. The left – pick your way through the technical rock garden until you reach the big rounded granite rocks at the bottom, turn sharp right for a really fun drop through the gap to meet up with the main river flow. The right – also starts through a tricky rock garden, as you turn gradually left after a small pool the gradient begin to increase, miss the bricks on the way down and look out for paddlers coming in hot from the left line.

Sand pirate causeways (aprox. 15km) – After the last drop and a sharp right hand turn the river begin to flatten off as you approach Inanda Dam. The sand pirates are very active in this area and have built a series of causeways across the river. The first one can be shot on the left, the second needs to be portaged. Look for the marshal and be careful not to be sucked through the pipes.

Finish: Dip Tank 29 41’ 21.44”S   30 48’ 16.17”E

 Seconds Information:


Please drive carefully and park in a considerate manner that does not obstruct or impede traffic.
Please show respect for the local landowners at all times. Do not drive across farmlands or enter areas with closed gates or fences and pick up all litter before leaving the area.
The Marianne Foley causeway will be open to motor vehicles so that spectators can get to the top of Ngumeni Hill.No vehicles  are to stop on the bridge. No vehicles are permitted to go down Ngumeni Hill to the river and no vehicles are permitted any further along the pipeline road on top of the hill but must rather return down the hill and back over Marianne Foley causeway

Drive out the valley to the N3 and to Hillcrest and drive back into the valley to Inanda dam.
Spectators must ensure that their vehicles are locked and valuables kept out of sight, or better still, left at home.
Obey security officials and marshals at all times

Paddlers and portagers and seconds are to please report any problems or suspicious behaviour to marshals or security guards immediately so swift action can be taken. If possible, please report situations to the emergency contact number – Andre  073 440 3819