Originally from Newcastle in KZN, I completed schooling there then went on to study at the University of Natal and completed my Honours in Economics.


I started paddling in 2004 whilst at University. I always knew about the Dusi but that year I decided this is something I really wanted to do so I joined the university canoe club. That year Jen Hodson was our development coach so I began my early days paddling with advice from a great paddler. In 2004 I did my first big race (50 miler) in a K1 followed by my first Dusi in a K1 in 2005 and have not looked back since. I have done pretty much all the races except those in the Western Cape and 3 races on my to do list that keep eluding me are non-stop,Lowveld and Umkomaas. Canoeing has been my passion now for over 10 years and I believe it has been a catalyst to so many good things in my life. The people, the places we see and the thrill of it cannot be compared to any other sport in my mind.


Thereafter I spent a year on a working holiday in London where I socially paddled at the Richmond Canoe Club. Since returning from London I paddled for Rorkes drift, the club in my hometown of Newcastle and later that year moved to Johannesburg and joined SCARC when Brad was then the chairman. In 2008 I decided to join Dabulamanzi and have been a member since.


In 2014 I brokered the SCARC and FirstRand partnership which resulted in a 3 year sponsor for SCARC from FirstRand and was launched by the CEO of FirstRand, Sizwe Nxasana.


Three things other than work and canoeing which I love doing are Horse riding, Fly Fishing and mountain biking. I hate running, but I have no choice sometimes.