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Canoeing represents a multitude of paddle sports – from beginners to Olympic athletes with a range of disciplines to suit all goals.

The Gauteng Canoe Union is the second largest in terms of registered paddlers, and hosts a thriving long distance (LD) season, much of which is based on the many excellent training dams in the greater Gauteng area. In 2002, Gauteng and Northern Gauteng merged to form a single Union, known as the Gauteng Canoe Union.

The mission of the Gauteng Canoe union is to provide a canoeing environment that will produce canoeists from all communities with national, world championship and Olympic potential in all the various “disciplines” as well as satisfying the needs of all members for recreational canoeing.

The Gauteng Canoe Union is affiliated to Canoeing South Africa. The chairman of each of the representative provinces represents that province on the CSA executive Committee.

CSA is affiliated to SASCOC as well as the International Canoeing Federation who administers canoeing internationally.


1. Keep off the banks of private landowners unless permission has been granted for access.
2. Maintain friendly relations with landowners and be polite at all times.
3. Do not litter. This includes removing boat wrecks which is the boat owners responsibility.
4. Where applicable, pay the required entrance fees.
5. Wear a life jacket and paddle in small groups.
6. Do not disturb the natural fauna and flora.
7. Paddlers should be registered with a club and GCU.
8. Exit from the river at prescribed points, or as requested by marshalls.
9. Always obey race marshals and officials instructions.


Two important committees manage the Union.

The Management Committee comprises of elected office bearers. These include the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Safety Officer, Race Administrator, Development Officer, Boat Master, School’s League Liaison Officer, PRO and Marathon, Sprint, Canoe Polo, Wild Water and Surf-Ski Convenors.

The function of the Management Committee is to see to the day-to-day affairs of the Union and to take operational decisions.

Office bearers:

Chairman: MJ Robb

Vice chairman: Raymond Rorich

Treasurer: Bryan Slater

Safety Officer: Peter Geach

Race Administrator: Elandrie Zietsman

Development Officer:  Janet Simpkins & Loveday Zondi

Boat Master: Vacant

School’s League: Jodie Dreyer

PRO: Jennie Dallas

PDI: Nkosi Mzolo

The Management Committee is answerable to the Executive Committee which comprises of a representative from every club affiliated to the Gauteng Canoe Union.


The Union employs a permanent secretary to oversee the administrative duties.

The details are as follows:

Name: Rene Andrews

Tel/Fax: 083 267 7184

Email: info@gcu.co.za

Postal add:
Postnet Suite 180
Private Bag x1

Physical add:
29 Morkel Street


The award of Gauteng Colours is a highly prestigious achievement for any member of the Union. They are held in high regard amongst the membership and nationally as a result of a very high standard that is attained in our province.


Banking details GCU main account:

Gauteng Canoe Union

Nedbank Current Account 1975 023 617

Branch code 198 405

Banking details GCU race account:

Gauteng Canoe Union

Nedbank Current Account 1984 605 992

Branch code 198 405


All paddlers must be registered with one of the affiliated clubs as well as the Union in order to participate in events and be covered under the insurance policies.

All new registrations and re-registrations must go to their clubs and thereafter they will be directed by the club administrator to go to the Dot Cloud portal where they will register themselves under the correct category. The club will then approve their registration via the club portal. The paddler will then be able to enter into events. The registration will be valid for one year from the date of registration. All members must sign an indemnity form with their clubs to be kept on record. This indemnity will be requested should there be an incident of any kind.


All race entries will be done via Dot Cloud. Please log into your profile via the paddlers portal and enter the various events. Please contact the office on 083 267 7184 for further information.


      • All relevant race information will be available on the race entry page when you access your profile via the paddler.canoesa.com portal
      • No paddler will be allowed to race on the day if they are not registered with GCU , an affiliated club AND must have completed their proficiency tests.
      • New members must register in order to get a CSA number before any race.


In order to book a GCU surf ski please complete the forms below and send it to info@gcu.co.za together with your proof of payment. Once received, the office will book the ski/ski’s and send you the contact details for collection arrangements.