ALL WELCOME to participate – not just novices!!
While the race is designated K2 all disciplines welcome – K1 / K3 !
Novices / Experienced – ALL welcome.

  • Pre Entries DUE Wednesday 13 April on GCU website for those who have joined club/GCU/CSA and have done their basic and river proficiency……details below
  • Register at the start from 07h30
  • Start at 9am – from The Makery – (ON the road just past Scout hall)  -beautiful venue, enough parking space
  • Coffee and Breakfast will be on sale
  • K2 Novice race   ie     NOVICES IN K2’S WILL BE THE PRIZEWINNERS…….. ie 2 novices….

(We trust the experienced paddlers will be happy to let them have a chance to win the first early easy races of the season….)

  • Experienced paddlers are asked to be thoughtful and NOT to race TOO hard and TOO fast (they can’t win prizes anyway)  AND they will make the CUT OFF too short for the following novices…..!!)  HENCE the title – NOVICE race!!
    But please do come along and encourage the newbies / offer advice and encouragement – we NEED YOU….!
  • Prizes and hand-outs to novices only – and this will be something special again.


  • FINISH – at our infamous “Caravan Park” – although there are no more caravans there….!!!   (Danie Maclean Park, Meyerton)
  • NOVICES – PLEASE make SURE your boat crosses the FINISH LINE…..DONT get OUT before you have crossed and dont take TOO long to fiddle with your swim – GET into your boat and CROSS the finish line ASAP even if its sinking ….The FINISH LINE is  in line with the gazebo where the timekeeper sits….!  Your TIME will only be recorded ONCE you cross the finish line – so if you swim above that, and spend an hour emptying and getting back in – YOU LOSE OUT……


  • WITHDRAWAL FROM RACE – Should you decide NOT to finish the race and get out the river and depart, PLEASE ENSURE that you have notified an official / marshall or timekeepers.


Standard race entry fee  applies –  R80 per paddle for Seniors and R50 per paddle for Juniors
Race Entries close at 23h59 on the Wednesday 13th April – preceding the relevant race (Weekend Race –  16 APRIL).
Late entries and on the day entries will be charged an extra R50 penalty per paddle and will be in the last batchas batches can’t be redone on the day to convenience the late entries…!

R50 will also be payable for last minute changes ie K1 to K2 / Partners changing etc for additional admin created.
Nedbank Randburg 198 405
Account number 1984 605 992
ADD these details to your profile for future easy payments!
Please send proof of payment to
IF proof of payment is sent late, PLEASE ensure that you take it with to the race when you register as you will not be allowed to race if proof of payment has not been recorded…….payment CAN be made cash on the day if preferred
IF you have registered with GCU through club, but have not yet received your RACE NUMBER, then enter by sending an email with your name / club / DOB details as well as race entry fee to;  Your entry will only be processed if your club has sent your registration docs through.

  • SA Maritime law requires BUOYANCY IN FRONT AND BACK OF BOAT……pound masters WILL check your boat….make SURE you DO have buoyancy……
  • RACE NUMBERS on both sides of the boat in front of the cockpit – R5 per stick on number available at your club or at the race.
  • Personal Flotation Device (Lifejacket ..?)  Compulsory – make sure they fit properly and dont float around above your head when you swim!
  • OBEY the designated marshalls.


RACE ADVICES: for firsttimers!

  • LISTENING to the Pre Race Briefing IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED –  for specific race rules / compulsory portages or other rules that may result in disqualification if you did not obey……and for SAFETY WARNINGS…..


  • Check your wingnuts on steering / bars/seats before the race as they tend to rattle lose while travelling on cars/trailers and you DONT need that problem in the rapids!


  • DRESS warmly – rather than otherwise – newbies swim often, if the temperatures drop and wind comes up it can be unpleasant with risks of hypothermia….thermals / plastic overlays are a great help….if TOO Warm…you can always cool down in the river!


  • KNOW THE CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER OF YOUR SECOND OR DRIVER – for emergencies!  Marshalls could phone them for you BUT too many paddlers are “rescued” with broken boats and hypothermia and they DONT KNOW the contact number of the person they need to collect them which is on their phone which is not with them!


  • IF problems on the river /boat repairs etc please stay visible on the river so the SWEEPS see you otherwise nobody knows where you are….in order to report your withdrawal.


  • Duct tape/repair kit  / spare paddle are advisable as these are frequently needed during races… ensure you can finish!


  • WRITE your name/number ON your paddle with TIPPEX – if lost, farmers / residents OFTEN find and are willing to return for a small reward saving you lots of money!


  • ENJOY!!!!   its supposed to be fun!