Good day parents

The Academy is in the process of upgrading all our training programs to international standards, form u/8 to the elite athletes, in order to maximise the outcomes of all the athletes at the Academy.  After our head coach’s return from the international coaching conference in Spain, it was made clear that the current

programs are on par with that of the rest of the world, but we have learned over the last 2 years, is

that if you want to be great, don’t do what everyone else does.


We want to expand our focus, as no one person functions in the same way, to develop each individual

child/athlete according to their own unique way of functioning.  Improving that which needs to be

improved and to channel their potential towards their own best possible outcomes.


This being said, we would like to invite you all to take part in a training camp from 5 December, where

the children will be evaluated on their own individual skills to start building on the foundation of each


Session will be structured as follows:

U/8 – U/12

60 min sessions consisting of 20min dry-land functional training and 40min paddling/technique

Because the main focus at this young age is to have FUN, sessions will be conducted in a

games/natural competition manner without any pressure to perform or impress.

U/14 and U/16-U/18 beginners

75 min sessions consisting of 30min dry-land functional training and 45 min paddling/technique

Athletes will be performing more difficult and tasking exercises.


90 min sessions consisting of 30min dry-land functional training and 60min paddling/technique

These athletes will be conditioned alongside the elite squad and it is only at this stage that they will

start specialising in events.


Between sessions the athletes will be educated on international racing and international athletes, showing them what needs to be done to get to the Olympics and who the athletes are to watch on the international


This will also be the coaching structure that we want to implement start of 2017, but to explain the plans

of 2017 in more detail,  we would like to organise a meeting with all the parents in order to explain what

the structure will entail.


Training camp option 1: 5-9 Dec & 12-16 Dec

-R1500 pp

-Includes 2 sessions a day and lunch (sessions structured as mentioned above)

-10 days (Mon-Fri and Mon-Fri)

-The tuckshop will also be open throughout the day.


Training camp option 2: 5-9 Dec

-R800 pp

-Includes 1 session in the afternoon (sessions structured as mentioned above)

-5 days (Mon-Fri)

-The tuckshop will be open


*The tuckshop will provide refreshments, light snacks and something sweet in between