Wild Water

A resurgence of interest in Wild Water paddling is taking place in South Africa.

With South Africa’s abundance of rough water rivers available to compete on, a new generation of young Wild water stars is emerging.

Wild Water is back in 2014

KZN Champs:

Sprint Champs 25th January 2014
Long Distance Champs 8th March 2014

SA Team Selection:

The South African Team Selections will take place on the March the 22nd on the Orange River with Great prize money up for Grabs !
A team of 4 Male and 4 Females will be selected to take part in the Senior World Championships in Italy as well as 2 World Cup events in Austria.
The tour will be from the 3rd -23rd of June 2014

SA Championships:

SA championships will be on the 24th of September in Stellenbosch with also great prizes and some of the world’s best international paddlers taking part too.