Farewell Tribute to Basil Thatcher – a Paddler

Tribute / farewell to Paddler Brian Thatcher who sadly passed away on Sunday the 31/7/16 after a long struggle with cancer.

He was from the old era of paddlers in N TVL and Pretoria and participated in numerous major river races including Dusi, Umko ,Vaal. He was gentleman on and off the water, always willing to help and give advice.

People who have raced with him and will remember him well include Nick Bester ,Ronnie Pronk, Bennie Reynders, Brian Longley and TC Smit.

We also did some K4 races in the old format of 32 km together.

He leaves behind his wife Pim kids Tiaan, Eugene and Melissa and many memories with the paddlers who were his friends……Tribute from Centurion Canoe Club…..