Some 50 paddlers enjoyed the balmy evening at the Ekurhuleni Kayak Club, based at Homestead Dam in Benoni on Friday evening, a few days before the ascent to Cradock for the Hansa Fish – a final opportunity to keep muscles supple and loose as serious training has tapered.

Sanlam Financial Planning who have supported ERK a number of times in recent years provided prize jackets to be awarded which were well received after the enjoyable race with a superb competitive spirit without any aggression  in the field, on an enjoyable balmy evening.

The concrete boats were lining up on the bank preparing for the next day’s Annual Concrete Boat challenge added to the interesting ambiance and enjoyment of the evening.

Siseko Ntondini (SOW) won the race as 1st Under 23, in 1 hour 10 minutes and 19 seconds, and 13 nanoseconds….which I mention because Alex Masina (JCC) Under 18 paddler took second podium position with 90 nanoseconds….a very close photo finish indeed!

Alex Roberts (DABS) was the 3rd finisher as first Senior age category in 1 hour 10 minutes and 22 seconds with Mike Stewart as 4th finisher in 1 hour 10 minutes and 54 second as first Sub Master (ERK).  More finishers in the 1 hour 10 minutes bunch, in 56 seconds included Robert Crichton (DABS) as 2nd Senior Age category finisher, while the 6th finisher,  in 1 hour 10 minutes and 57 seconds as 2nd Under 18 was Liam Stewart (ERK).

Kobus Filmalter (WAT) finished 7th, as first Veteran paddler in 1 hour 11 minutes,  and the first Sub Veteran finishers were K2 Centurion paddlers Raymond Rorich and Michael Kirby in 1 hour 13 minutes.  Colin Wilson (Dabs) was the first Master finisher in 1 hour 15 minutes,  and Meyer Steyn (Dabs) was the first Grand Master to cross the finish line, in 1 hour 24 minutes, while the first Sub Grand Master finisher in 1 hour 25 minutes was VIC K2 – Tmothy Baker and Noel Bessler.

There were no ladies to make up a ladies race however the first finishing Mixed Double was Roger and Kate Stubbs (DABS) in 1 hour 19 minutes, as 3rd Veterans,  followed closely by ERK’s Tommy Booth and Meryl Booth in 1 hour 20 minutes,  while Richard and Linda Carter (VIC) were the third mixed doubles finishers in 1 hour 30  minutes, as 3rd Sub Grand masters.

A festive atmosphere of celebration with Hansa Fish promotion in the clubhouse added to the enjoyment of the evening, and the final official race training opportunity.

Thanks to ERK for the opportunity which was much appreciated and enjoyed!

Jennie Dallas

for GCU PR

082 857 857 1