The Gauteng K2 Marathon trials and championships on Sunday 17 May still saw the weather in Gauteng holding the Autumn chill at bay  wiht some excellent racing, while many participated for the additional mileage and enjoyment of the companionship!

The senior race was won by Michael Stewart with Nicholas Weeks (ERK) in 2 hours 10 minutes covering a 29km course, followed by Sibusiso Chwayi and Nkosi Mzolo (Sow) in 2:21, while Tommy Booth and Jarryd Breeds were 3rd in 2:24 (ERK).

Livhuwani Munyai (Sow) and Peter Chissano (SOW) completed the Under 18 boys 22km in 2 hours 4minutes, with Simamkele Makhasi and Sibonakaliso Mpunzi (SOW) next in 2:09 while the Under 18 girls Asanda Ndlovu and Sneziwe Gxobole (SOW) finished their 22km race in 2 hours 25 minutes.

Colin Ledwaba and Katiso Hlahatsi (VIC) were the Under 23  25.5km finishers in 2:07 and the Under 23 ladies finished their 22km race in 2:16 – Daniela Afonso and Ashlee Cramb (Dabs/FLCC).

The Under 16 paddlers finished their 22km race led by Sinanhlanhla Ludidi with Lona Magadla (SOW) finishing in 1:44 followed by second place holders, Liam Stewart and Warren Thiel (ERK/DABS) in 1;56 and FLCC’s Tristan Trican with Tumelo Motseki brought up the third place podium in 2:05.

The Under 14 boys finished their 15km workout in 1 :20, 1:23 and 1:25 respectively led by Zanenhlahla Mbala with Benjamin Mntonintshi (SOW), Jaydon Hunt and Matthew van der Merwe (FLCC) and Wongama Makhasi with Anathi Simeko (SOW).

The Sub Veterans top three podium positions were Wayne Jacobs with Dave Hamilton-Brown (Dabs) in 1:37 (22kms), followed by Hardus Theunissen and Shaun Maphanga (FLCC) in 1:43, while Richard Tandy and Guy Carter finished in 1:53 (ERK/DABS).

Gustav Smook with Wikus Loots (LCC) were first Vets in 1:40, with Sean and Sarah Evans 2nd (Dabs) in 1:50 as first mixed double, while Jason Brown and Anna clifford Arwidi (Dabs) were next mixed double finishing 3rd vet position in 1:56.

Wally Fisher and Theo Smith (CEN) were the Sub Master Champions in 1:40, while  the Masters 22km winning finishers were Colin Wilson and Andreas van Tonder (Dabs/LCC) in 1;43, with Grant Thiel and Brian Whillier (Dabs) in 2nd, and a time of 2:07.

The Grand masters finished their 18.5km course in 1:43 led by Vincent Buttrick and Rodney Carpenter (ERK) while Keith Beeston and John Rowan (JCC/ERK) were next, in 1:54.

It was a super day of enjoyable racing thanks to ERK!

Best Luck to the marathon team to SA’s!

Jennie Dallas

for GCU PR

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