The second day at SA Marathons in Pietermaritzburg saw the K2’s racing – Gautengers achieved a number of podium positions!

With no Senior ladies from Gauteng participating, it was up to the Master lady’s to represent the province – well done to Anna Clifford Arwidi and Sarah Evans (Dabs) who achieved the 3rd place podium position in the Sub Master Women’s race, in a time of 1:47.

Sonja Bohnsack (Dabs) partnering with KZN’s Merrill King finished as the first Master age category women, in a time of  1:55, while Gautengers also snagged the 2nd place Silver medal podium position – Sylvia Nel and Katarzyna Lapacz (Lik/FLCC) finished the race in 1:56.   In the Grand Master woman’s age category race, Minnie Kretzschmar (Dabs) partnered with Carrol Evans (previous Gautenger! now KZN paddler) to take home the Gold medal, finishing in a time of 2:04:37.

Cally Henderson (Dabs) also partnered with a KZN lady to finish 2nd in 2:04:41.

In the Men’s senior and very competitive category, Michael-John Robb and Grant Ahlschlager (Dabs) finished 6th in 2:20, while in the Sub Veteran age category race,  Piers Cruickshanks (Dabs) partnered with Jacques Theron to win the race in a time of 1:38:48, closely chased by Wayne Jacobs and Dave Hamilton-Brown (Dabs) who took home the silver medal, finishing in 1:38:50!  Alex Roberts (Dabs) with KZN partner Matt Gunning clinched the Bronze third place podium in a time of 1:42, while Willem Landman and Elton Du Preez (CEN) finished 5th in 1:46.

Douw Kruger and Shaun Maphanga (FLCC) finished 7th in the Men’s Veteran race in a time of 1:55, while in the Sub Master age category Gustav Smook and Michael Stewart won the Gold medal (Low/ERK) finishing in a time of 1:42.  Bradley Fisher and Nicholas Warren (Dabs) teamed up to finish in the Sub Master age category in 5th, and a time of 2:01.

In the Master Men age category race Colin Wilson (Dabs) partnered with KZN’s Herman Chalupsky finished in 1:43 – a first place podium position! while Theo Smit and Ronald Pronk (CEN) finished 2nd on the podium in the Sub Grand master age category race, in a time of 1:26.  lloyde Hanson and Jim Davies (Dabs) finished 6th in the race in 1:33.

Chris Visser and Mat Carlisle (Dabs/KZN) also won the gold medal in the Grand Master age category in 1:29 with Gary Ralph and Graham Holm (Dabs) finishing 6th, in 1:49.

In the Great Grand Master age category Dave Drummond and Claude Graham (Dabs)  were the second place silver medal finishers in 2:01.

The juniors were represented by Wongama Makhasi (SOW) and LIam Stewart (ERK) who finished 10th in 1:59, and Bambo Fanteni with Buhlebenkosi Phakathi (SOW) in 11th, and a time of 2:04.

Kamilah Hank (FLCC) and Jo-Ane Prinsloo (LIK) were the silver medal winners in the Under 14 girls K2 race achieving a time of 1:09, while Finlay Leask and Adrian Rodd (DABS) clinched the Bronze Medals in a time of 1:00.

Well done to all who participated and finished the races – representing Gauteng with pride!

Jennie Dallas

for: GCU PR

082 857 857 1