ICF African Freestyle  Development Camp that is currently taking place in Uganda.
At the end of the 2 week camp, on April 2nd, we will be hosting the first ever African Freestyle Championshipshttps://www.facebook.com/events/931468986943516/ This gives local kayakers as well as the camp participants the chance to compete and become the best in Africa. Our idea is to ensure that this project continues to inspire the individuals as well as other kayakers when they return to their home countries. We hope to fulfil their dream and support them to the next ICF world Championships in Brazil which would be incredible to see.
You may have heard the story of the Ugandan Freestyle team and their epics to get them out to Canada last year?! Well since then we have been working hard with the ICF Freestyle Committee to secure funding to ensure that the sport continues to develop out here in Africa. 10 of the most promising kayakers  from 6 different nations across Africa (Philip Claasens and Tammy Muir are representing S.A) are currently in Uganda participating in a 2 week training camp with world class coaches Sam Ward and Dane Jackson. This truly is a chance of a lifetime for some of these guys, some of whom have never travelled internationally let alone had the chance to train and be coached by two of their Kayaking idols.
This program is aiming not only to improve the freestyle kayaking of these individuals but also it’s goal is to ensure that the participants come away from the camp with the knowledge and skills needed to grow and develop the kayaking sport at a grassroots level in their home nations. Throughout the camp we are holding workshops and discussions to share ideas and thoughts on how we can have the most positive impact on the sport in the long term.
RESULTS:   Ugandan Champs Results 2016 Sheet2This is a super exciting story of 10 individuals who have been given a fantastic opportunity that could open up all kinds of doors for their futures both in their homelands as well as internationally. It’s an awesome, worthwhile scheme which could totally change the lives of these individuals as well as contribute to the development of the kayaking community across Africa. Future funding for this project lies on the success of this camp and the development of the sport over the coming few months. The more publicity and support we can get from people across Africa the more likely it is for the project to become a long term investment.
We have set up a kayaking community page on Facebook – the aim of this is for paddlers from all over Africa to connect, network and promote events that are happening in their home nations – please feel free to get involved in the conversations. https://www.facebook.com/groups/155710114799966/?ref=br_rs
– IMG_1797 sml- King of the wave – the participants bringing the fun back into kayaking and learning some new ways to run fun, friendly competitions.
– Uganda Championships-ICF development camp-By Emily Ward Photography (sml size)-18 – Philip Claasens throwing some big moves on ‘Superhole’ wave during one of our freestyle coaching workshops
– IMG_1299 – Sam Ward taking one of the off the water workshops
IMAGES:Uganda1 Uganda3 Uganda2