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The short race to provide novices with opportunity to learn more river skills attracted some 18 doubles, and a few K3’s, as well as a dozen K1’s with 32 boats in all finishing the race.

Despite the minus-1 early morning temperature once again the day warmed up beautifully for a wonderful short pleasant and enjoyable river race hosted by Johannesburg Canoe Club, from Heidelberg Bridge through Daleside Weir where there were a few swimmers,  on the Mine Rapid where once again a few swimmers with a couple of damaged broken boats – including a pair of novices who swam from the top of the mine rapid – in the middle but who finished triumphant and victorious wrapped with sticks and duct tape!

Kobus Filmalter (Wat) was the first finisher and winner of the K1 race, first Veteran in just under an hour in 56:58,  while Matthew van der Merwe with Melusi Nxumalo  (FLCC) were the first finishers in the K2 race as first Under 23 in 58:13 – the third place finisher was the second veteran, Mark Handley who despite being a VLC member still shows as FLO on the race results in a time of 58 :42 and the 4th place finisher was the first Sub Veterans and winners of the Mixed Doubles  -Jason Brown (Dabs) and Monique Steven (FLCC) in 1:50:81.

Warren Ziervogel was first Sub Master home (JCC) in 1:03, while the only K1 lady on the river  – ERK’s Frith Cooper finished the race in 1:38 – the first Sub Grand Masters from JCC ‘s Anthony and Paul Chappel in 1:42.

Florida’s para-canoeist, Constant Olivier arrived at the finish line as the first ever para- plegic canoeist, in a K3 having been marshalling at both Daleside Weir and Mine Rapid with FLCC partners Bertie Baard and Jennie Dallas!

Thanks to JCC for putting on the short race to help novices gain experience and points on rivers to qualify towards A grade status, but more importantly to gain experience and river knowledge, while the JCC paddlers also organised a long 40km Berg Training race as a service to the canoeing fraternity training for the 240km Berg which starts on 14 July in the Western Cape….

Join us next week for more river fun while the winter temperatures are still reasonable!!

Jennie Dallas

for GCU PR

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