Final routes for DAY 2 will be confirmed after tripping river early January 2020

JCC 2 Day Klip Day 1 on 18 @ 19 January 2020

Start: Heidelberg Bridge 09h00

Finish: Caravan Park

Cut off 12h00

Distance 30km plus 1km Portage Scout Hall to Henley Weir Day 1 only

Distance 30km plus 2km Portage Sports Grounds to Little Klip Day 2 only

Fees 2 Day Race: Seniors R250; Juniors R150 (Late entries R50/ Person)



Klip River Distances


0.00km  LIDOBuksies                                  26°19’51.3”S 27°59’20.3” E

2.16km  No Name rapid                                        26°19’56.7”S 28°00’32.0” E

3.34km  Gawie se Gat                                 26°19’54.3”S 28°01’06.0” E

5.02km    Waterfall (Little Keith’s)             26°20’05.9”S 28°02’02.3” E

8.00km  Toilet Bowl                                     26°21’10.7”S 28°02’59.5” E

10.00km  Weir Shoot                                      26°21’37.5”S 28°03’34.9” E

11.00km   2nd Waterfall                                26°22’02.5”S 28°03’56.5” E

13.00km  Pipes weir                                      26°22’49.2”S 28°04’13.8” E

16.00km  R59 portage                                  26°24’04.8”S 28°04’47.3” E

19.00km  Everite Low Level Bridge            26°25’16.4”S 28°05’42.9” E

Everite Low Level Bridge to sewer farm run 2.2km or +1.3km

20.00km  Morgans Corner                            26°25’35.0”S 28°05’46.4” E

24.00km  Confluence                                     26°26’57.4”S 28°05’12.1” E

25.00km  Heidelberg Bridge                        26°27’15.2”S 28°05’08.6” E

28.00km  Daleside Weir                               26°28’40.9”S 28°04’38.8” E

34.00km  IxoxoManzi                                    26°30’15.8”S 28°04’18.7” E

35.00km  MineRapid                                      26°30’30.0”S 28°04’16.5” E

39.30km  ScoutHall                              26°32’22.2”S 28°04’06.3” E

Scout Hall to Weir Run 1.5km

40.70km  Henley Weir                                  26°32’57.6”S 28°03’51.0” E

44.10km  Broken Weir                                   26°33’47.5”S 28°03’32.4” E

47.10km  LittleKlip                                        26°34’27.7”S 28°02’23.4” E

Sports ground to Little Klip Run 2.0km

49.40km  Sports ground                               26°34’37.1”S 28°01’31.5” E

49.90km   Sports ground                              26°34’48.1”S 28°01’26.3” E

51.80km  Pump House                                   26°35’27.9”S 28°01’01.4” E

52.90km  Double Drop                                  26°35’23.4”S 28°00’38.8” E

55.60km  Caravan Park                                26°36’28.2”S 28°00’09.9” E

57.10km  Dogs Bridge                                   26°36’51.0”S 27°59’36.7” E

58.40km  Black Rock                                     26°36’35.0”S 27°59’06.5” E

60.40km  Train Bridge                                  26°37’11.9”S 27°58’50.9” E

72.30km  Water Front 3 Rivers finish        26°40’06.9”S 27°57’20.3” E

84.30km NWU Vaal Campus                        26°43’29.8”S 27°52’43.2” E

84.30km NWU Vaal Campus (Watuni club house) 26°43’35.6”S 27°53’26.3” E


LIDO Buksies  to Heidelberg Bridge  25km

LIDO Buksies  to Scout Hall  39.7km

Heidelberg Bridge to Caravan Park 30.6km

Heidelberg Bridge to Water Front 3 Rivers 46km

Ixoxo to Caravan Park 20.6km

Ixoxo to Water Front 3 Rivers 37km

Scout Hall to Caravan Park 15.6km

Scout Hall to Water Front 3 Rivers35.3km

Sports Ground to Water Front 3 Rivers 22.6km