Race Report: Dabs Liebensbergvlei 2 Day Extravaganza – 20 and 21 September 2014



The Dabs Liebensberg TWO DAY Extravanganza was indeed a great success with 66 boats on Day 1.  This report will deal with each race separately as there were two separate races, however the timing system crashed which resulted in manual entries being done – and a delay naturally.


A cold front swept through the country on Saturday 20 September, bringing hail to Johannesburg, but in the Free State the cloudy overcast skies and strong gusts of wind was unpleasant, and chilly.


The hardy seasoned paddlers took the conditions in their stride but a number of day 1 entries withdrew from day 2, however those who did the second day seemed to enjoy it much more than the first day – better prepared for the big rolling wave trains on curves and around corners, stopper waves and fun drops!


A tree block right near the finish line was an unexpected surprise and spoilt quite a lot of finishers enjoyment of the day resulting in potentially dangerous and unpleasant swims, however most of the obstacles, low level bridges, weirs and rapids were fairly manageable to a competent paddler who is with sufficient experience on rivers to enjoy, especially with Fish only 3 weeks away.

The farmers hospitality was really over the top with savoury cooked meals / breakfast, braai’s at lunch and braai packs available at night, a snoepie winkel, and the converted stables were warm and very comfortable!


It was once again and honour and pleasure to enjoy the company of Master  Siboniso Cele and Cyprian Ngidi from the local Maluti Club based in Bethlehem – 2008 Slalom Olympian athletes who enjoyed playing in the K1’s for a change on their home ground river.


The top three finishers on  Day 1 at this K1 30km Pre Fish training race were Siseko Ntondini, Tom Ngcobo and Alex Roberts  (SOW/SOW/DABS) in 2:10:58, 59, and 2:11 respectively with Ntondini also being first Under 23.


Siyabonga Tyiki (SOW) was the first junior Under 18 finisher in 2:16, while the first K3 who were also first Veteran fnishers, were the Dabs crew of Iain Hume, Keith Flemmer and Brad Breetzke in 2:20.

Marco Magni was the Sub veteran winner of the day K19, in 2:22 (Dabs) and the top finished K2 were Dabs paddlers – Robert Crichton and Anthony Mundy Castle in 2:23 although the K1 Veteran achiever was Janet Bartlett, who was also 2nd lady in 3:03 as the 33rd K1.


Top Master finishing boat was Dabs’ Bryan Slater and Tony Purchase as the 3rd K2, in 2:26 while Colin Wilson was in fact the K1 Master finisher of the day in 2:29, as the 15th K1.

Gerrie Moolman was the Sub Master top K1 finisher in 2:29 (PRE), although the Dabs K2 with Llewellyn Walters and Russell Blane finished in 2:26 in this category.


Macdonald Nkosi with novice partner Janine Broli (FLCC/VLC) were the first Mixed doubles finishers and the 5th K2 in 2:38, and the lovely ladies K2 winners were Megan Hedderwick and Lindsay Hopkins (Dabs) while Gavin Taylor (CRO) finished in 3:01 as the SGM K1 champion!


Hopefully we have mentioned all the most important category achievers!

Great training opportunity was achieved and the mileage logged up was awesome!


Jennie Dallas


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Sunday 21 September and Day 2 of the Dabs Liebensbergvlei Extravaganza was still cool, but without gusts of wind, the paddlers enjoyed their second day much more, and those who had completed the first day were much better prepared – proof that they had learned and achieved much from the first day!


The 49 boats that finished were made up of 30 K1 and 17 K2, as well as 2 K3’s. A number of novices needing experience and to gain river knowledge participated in the races which must have been a wonderful enjoyable fun opportunity!


The winners were Alex Roberts (Dabs), Tom Ngcobo and Thando Ngamlana (SOW) as the first K1 finishers in 2:04 and a few seconds apart, with Thando being the first Under 23.  Once again Siyabonga Tyiki (SOW) enjoyed the Under 18 top junior position finishing in 2:10.  Marco Magni (DABS) was the first SV finisher again in 2:12 as the 9th K1, and the first SM K1 finisher was Gerrie Moolman (PRE) once again in 2:22, as the 14th K1.


Macdonald Nkosi and Janine Broli were once again the Mixed doubles top finishers (FLCC/VIC) in 2:25, as the 5th K2 and the only lady finishers were once again the brave and lovely Megan Hedderwick and Lindsay Hopkins finishing in 2:35 as 9th K2.

Peter Steyn, from the Maluti local club was the SGM K1 top achiever of the day finishing in 2:26 as 18th K1, with Willi Endres (PRE) doing the honours in the Master K1 category, finishing in 2:35.  Jason Brown (Dabs) was the top Veteran K1 of the day as 20th K1 !

The weekend was a lovely break away from the city and smog and not too far to drive – such a bonus to be able to clock up 60km+ on the training plan and definitely something to add to your planned schedule for next year!


Jennie Dallas


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