The Non Stop Dusi race took place on Friday 4 March – a special group of strong experienced paddlers participated in this one day race over 120kms, from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, as done at the FNB Dusi, over a 3 day period.

Details and information on the endurance canoe event can be found HERE

I have received the full CSA results from the organisers which we appreciate, as I had incorrectly  thought that information regarding club and province were not available.  We are therefore able to provide a full Gauteng race report to recognise and applaud those few endurance paddlers who are willing to take on this exceptional event.

Some 33 boats finished the gruelling challenge, which consisted of some 24 K2’s and 9 K1’s, of which only 7 represented Gauteng.

Leading the Gauteng charge was Richard Cele from Victoria Lake Canoe Club who finished in 3rd place overall, with his Natal partner Nhlanhlayakhe Cele, both of whom originate from the Dusi valley and know the river well, being physically strong athletes and good runners.  They completed the event in 8 hours 59 minutes.

Loveday Zondi (SCARC) finished the race in 10th place overall, as the 3rd K1 finisher, in 9 hours 40 minutes, with Thomas Ngidi  (VLC) finishing in 10 hours 6 minutes as the 4th K1.

Soweto’s SCARC double,  Sipho Qoko and Tshidiso Bobo finished 16th overall as the 11th K2 in 10 hours 55 minutes and Rhys Foster from ERK partnered with James Tutton were the 17th finishing boat in 11 hours, the 12th K2, as the first Sub Veteran team.

The 23rd boat across the finish line was Christoph Booysen, from Pretoria’s canoe club, finishing as 2nd Sub Vet, and 7th K1, in 11 hours 39 minutes, while Ryno Armdorf (SOW) partnered with Guy Carter (DABS) finished as 19th K2, and 3rd Sub Veterans in a time of 12 hours 3 minutes.

Well done indeed to this awesome athletes who took on this amazing challenge and finished successfully!

Jennie Dallas

for GCU PR

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