School League feedback: 26 July 2014

26 July 2014

With glorious spring weather, sunny and warm, on a mirror smooth flat dam, the school league paddlers had a super race on a beautiful dam well supported by the spectators waiting at the prize-giving from the main race who cheered them on.

The lap for the young paddlers was right in front of the clubhouse attracting lots of attention and very enjoyable as the spectators and family members were able to shout support and monitor the progress of their preferred canoeist and all the young uns were treated to tasty soup and boerie rolls compliments of the hosting club.

Besides the motorboats on standby, a few Centurion members also parked their canoes on the lap route to be able to reach any swimmers as quickly as possible to provide support, while the FLCC Under 23 team having finished their 9 Miler race were also cruising the kiddies route to be able to assist as quickly as possible and we thank them for their support!  Motorboats ARE faster but we can’t really have a motorboat shooting across the race route at full speed making waves and causing more swims so they have to be somewhat discreet and more sedate on their approach to the swimmers – but in event the only swimmers were right at the start line, next to the bank!

Matthew van der Merwe (FLCC) brought the school leaguers to the finish crossing the finish line first – the Under 10 paddler finished his 3 laps of the 1.3 km course in 26.21 minutes, with Chenin Minie, ( LIK) as  the 2nd Under 10 finisher in 27.59, while Lynton Oelofse (LIK) finished the same distance in 28.32 as the first Under 8!  The St Davids juniors were sorely missed at the race, with the school declining to participate in view of the possible hippo presence but they will have no problems making up their points over the next few races.   A number of young paddlers were also sick with the typical July winter bugs and as you know, mommies don’t like to let their children play in the water if they are coughing!!

Centurions Kara Du Preez finished as the first Under 10 girl in 32.02 with Likkewaans   Anya Bornman chasing her to cross the finish line 1 second later to take the silver medal.

In the Under 12 race, Jaydon Hunt (FLCC) finished 1st completing 5 laps in 42.58 with Murendeni Nemadzivhana (SOW) 2nd in 45.24 while the bronze medal went to  Inus Du Preez  (CEN) who finished in 46.51.

The race between the Under 12 Likkewaan girls was also exciting however Megan Oelofse crossed the line in 40.03 to earn the gold medal, with Abigail Bezuidenhout taking silver in 41.18.

The  7 lap, 9.1km Under 14 race was exciting as usual with strong paddlers competing to cross the finish line first,  notably a very strong competition between Likkewaan’s Jonathan Jooste and Caroline van der Linde, with Jonathan just managing to cross first in 51.41, while Caroline was the female winner, 4 seconds later. The race, almost a time trial distance is a flat out sprint for these youngsters!

The 2nd place winner was Wian Bornman (LIK) in 52.56, with Zanenhlanhla Mbala 3rd in 53.59.

Jonty Griesel (LIK) finished as first under 16 in 51.42, with Thabo Mpehle (SOW) in 3rd and Waldo Wiese finishing his first ever race, a full 7 laps to finish 3rd in 65.58 so well done to the new Centurion paddler!
Khaliphili Nquku (SOW) was the Under 18 winner in 58.08.

A fun day at a beautiful venue and enjoyed by all – thanks to Centurion Canoe Club.

Jennie Dallas
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