Sports4life is scheduled to host a canoe marathon event on Sunday the 10th November.

Last year we held a celebration of our World Champs event at this time, which I would like to repeat, but add quite a lot of extra fun and celebration into the event experience.

I would like to call it a “ Celebration of Canoeing “ event this year, where our World Champions, past and present will be celebrated, but add in our juniors with some sprints

after the marathon events, with some fun senior sprints and an anything that floats competition as well. The anything that floats will be one lap of Wemmer and the idea is to introduce your friends and family to the awesome sport of canoeing through participating in a fun event like this,  as well as having a “ introduction to canoeing “time, where we do some coaching to complete beginners.

This will all be supported by a “ music festival “ and food stalls…..etc to create a great vibe and to hopefully inspire new folk to look at taking up the sport of canoeing.

If we can get a great turn out of paddlers for the racing events and also having them encourage their friends and family to come and participate in the music and the “ anything that floats “

fun event we could create a really positive vibe for our sport to start bringing the year to a close. It would be awesome to finish on a really positive note.

I would welcome feedback on this, and would encourage all our paddlers to come and enter and attend the event, bringing as many friends and family with as possible for a great day of fun to celebrate our awesome sport.

Best regards,

Pete Rossouw,

Cell: 082 895 8129