KZN K2 River Champs

19/20 March 2016        River Rating A+

Enter by THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY                                                                

Finally the heavens have opened and the Umko is flowing strongly again. Before the rains arrived the river had virtually stopped flowing and consisted of a few green pools of water.

Just two weeks ago Craig from Hella Hella commented that we were unlikely to see a 2m level this year. On Sunday the level reached 2.1 m at Hella Hella with almost 160 cumecs flowing over the Camden gauging weir.

With just over a month to go to the Umko we are all far more optimistic that we will have a reasonable level on race day.

If you intend paddling the marathon now is the time to get out there and do some tripping / scouting to prepare yourself for what the mighty Umko may throw at you.

If you are an Umko novice join up with one of the professional guided croc trips to see and learn the river safely. Contact Graeme (Liquid Adventures) on 0824945660 or Rich (Trailblazer Adventures) on 0724301247.

“50 Years of the Umko” book

Get your entry in before the 25th Feb to get your free copy of the book.

Pete Swanepoel has been working feverishly in compiling the history of the Umko book and is almost ready to go to print. Thank you to all who have made valuable contributions detailing your exploits (war stories) on the Umko.

Having had a sneak preview I must admit there has been a liberal amount of embellishment to some of these stories. Not how I remembered them. Hope to see you all there.

Hella Hella to Josephines
13 March 2016             
R6000.00 lucky draw tyre voucher


Umko Novices
For those first timers there are a few options available.

  • Paddle the first day from Josephine’s Bridge to Riverside, a relatively easy section.
  • If you are not feeling comfortable with the idea of paddling from Hella Hella on day two then simply start at Number 8.
  • Make your decision on Sunday morning,
  • You will still be credited with an Umko finish however you will not qualify for prizes other than the lucky draws.

    Marshals at all the major rapids
    Please note all paddler’s to be 16 on day of race.
    No exceptions will be made.

    Malcolm Stothard
    Set Kayaks & Composites
    011 452-1724