Upcoming : Vaal Marathon GCU K2 Championships : 1 and 2 November 2014

*Entries close on Thursday at 13:00!!*

Entries can be done on the GCU website:

Otherwise entry forms should also be available on the website.

Send POP to raceentries@gcu.co.za;

1-2 November 2014

Just over 30km per day. Also a great race to get your fitness and endurance
levels up before 50Miler. A great race for any level of paddler from
beginner to elite as it is not a technical river, which allows anyone to
participate, and also makes racing for the top guys very interesting.

Also don’t forget about the new team entry: any group of any three boats
starting together and having to finish together. Also R2000 prize money for
the winning team.

Every participant receives a meal. Food and drinks will also be on dale for
the seconds and spectators at the Start and Finish of Day 1 and at the
Finish of Day 2.

Entry fee:
Seniors: R220
Juniors: R180

Banking details also on the GCU website.

Come enjoy two lovely days out on the Vaal River and get your Dusi training
off to a good start.

*Start times for both days are 08:00 for the first batch.*

*Day 1 batches:*
One K2 batch.
K1 and K3 batch (depending on numbers it might be split into two)
Team batch (the finishing time will be the last of the three boats – this
is to ensure that the three boats finish together)

To enter for the team event:
Fill out the entry form for the Vaal per boat as you would do if you were
just entering for the race. Then one person from the team must e-mail the
team members and a team name to Desiree at the GCU office: info@gcu.co.za

*Day 2 batches:*
Day two we will do a reverse order start;
B-Batch, A-Batch, Team-Batch and then Elapsed time.

*Co-ordinates to Start and Finish of both days and other viewing points:*

*Dam Wall* – GPS Co-ordinates – S 26°52’44.78” E 28°06’58.21”

*Vischgat Weir *- GPS Co-ordinates – S 26°49’08.50” – E 28°03’48.38”

*Bernie’s Place*- GPS Co-ordinates – S 26°40’43.41” – E 27°58’51.38”

*Barrage* – GPS Co-ordinates – S 26°46’00.15” – E 27°40’47.18”

*Smiling Thru* – GPS Co-ordinates – S 26°50’05.62” – E 27°30’49.07”

For further information contact:
Martin van den Bergh