Victoria Lake Flat Race – 11 September 2016

On the 11th September, Victoria Lake canoe club will be hosting a 24km flat race. The race consists of 8 laps, anticlockwise, around the Victoria Lake. The race is a k1 race, but k2 and k3 s are welcome.

Marshalling will be done by the NSRI, and food and drink (including alcohol) will be available during and after the race.

The lake is pristine and clean, with very low coli levels.

Personal flotation device and splashy are compulsory.

Flotation requirements for the boat must be met.

Entrance fee: Seniors: R90.00 each

Juniors (under 18)   R45.00 each

Late entries: Senior: R140.00

Juniors: R95.00

Entries on-line closes at midnight on Wednesday 7th September.

Why do this race?

  • Seeding for the Fish can be improved
  • You will build up stamina
  • You will have a great time-competing and enjoying good company afterwards.

So, come and enjoy a great race, and build up stamina for the Fish!

Cell: +27 82 415 6340

Email: Simon.Treston@improchem.co.za