Well done to the novices who successfully completed the VLC Cake Race on Sunday 2 September 2018!  On a glorious spring day despite the August winds being still in attendance gusting from time to time.


The Novice winners were Thabo Selela (JCC) Under 16 who finished in 1 hour 40,  in a K1, and the first Lady Novice in a K2 with an experienced partner was Kirsty Pott, (Dabs) in a time 1 hour 39 minutes……Corni van der Merwe (ACD) is also a first year river paddling novice, partnered with an experienced paddler who finished in 2:02 (SV age group)……



The oldest novice on the river was Butch Grobbelaar (FLCC) as the 1st Great Grand Master Finisher, in 2 hour 9 minutes – first ever river race, only been paddling a few months through winter!  And Bert Matruje (JCC) was the youngest paddler on the river, as an Under 14 who is also a new river paddler, and finished in 2 hours 10 minutes….


There may have been other newbies / novice paddlers at the race but I dont have a list so these are a few I am aware of and proud of!  WELL DONE TO ANY OTHERS – I will be happy to add you to the list of novices if you let me know who you are – for the official report to be posted on the GCU website!


The winner was of course, not a novice – but Kobus Filmalter, (Wat) in a time of 1 hour 30 minutes, as the First K1, and 1st Veteran age group,  however I am proud to announce that the 2nd place finisher was in fact a novice K1 paddler – Dylan Browne who has paddled with his father in the previous year in a K2,  but is now proving his worth as a K1 novice racer – 1st Under 18 (Dabs) in 1 hour 31 – good stuff staying with the top finisher!!!  Andre Zandbergh (Wat) was the 3rd finisher in 1 hour 32, as the 1st Sub master…


The LADY finisher of the day was Sylvia Nel (LIK) in 2:02…a Master age group paddler!!


The first K2 was Richard Greeff / and Paulo Ferrao (FLCC/VIC) in 1 hour 34, while the first K2 Sub Veteran finishers were Kevin Hunt and Gerrie Du Plooy (Dabs) in 1:36 –  Bradly Thornton (Dabs) was the K1 SV finisher in the K1 race – in 1:48.


The first K3 was a mixed category finisher with Sandile Hlongwane, Shelley Robertson and Hanli Bezuidenhout (Dabs/Cen/Cen) in 1:39, while the first Under 16 finishers were Jaydon Hunt, and Thabo Selela (Dabs) (JCC) in 1:40 and a few seconds between…..


Meyer Steyn was the winning Grand master in 1h40 (Dabs), and Dylan Browne was the first Sub Grand master (Dabs) in 1:49.


Well done to VLC for offering the novices an opportunity to enjoy river paddling / experience and gaining points!