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After the warm sunny days in the week, the cold wave sweeping through Gauteng hit in time for canoeists to gather at the Makery – again!  Overcast and thick black clouds and pretty cold temperatures – the water was warmer than the air in fact!!  and despite numerous sightings of beautifully coloured very young litter of Likkewaan in past weeks – few were visible today as they remained inside their muddy holes with no sunshine outside to attract them – they do love to bask in it!

But 25 K1  and 20 K2, as well as 2 K3 enjoyed and finished the river race where there was good water flow despite being end winter…. the green buds are on the willow trees, ducklings in the river – Spring has definately arrived and the cold wave sweeping through Gauteng was unlucky!

Watuni hosted the race from the Makery with a paddle up river (such good resistance training) to ensure 20km river point requirement, finishing at Caravan Park, a distance of some 20km.

Lynda Lion-Cachet and Sonja Endres (Pretoria) were the only Female boats on the river – finishing as K2 19, in 2 hours 1 minute!!


Sibusiso Chwayi (SOW) took the K1 win in a time of 1 hour 23 (Under 18 ) – the juniors are definately taking over the top positions!! With Richard Cele (VLC) 2nd in 1:26, as first Senior paddler, and Katiso Hlahatsi (VLC) was the 3rd finisher in 1:27.  The 2nd Under 18 was next in 4th – SCARC paddler Benjamin Mntonintshi in 1:28.   Nkosi Mzolo (SOW) was the 3rd senior finisher of the day / k1 in 1:30 as 5th K1.

Benjamin Cockram (Dabs) was the 6th K1 finisher as the first Sub Master in 1:30 while Loveday Zondi with Nicolaas Swart were the first double to finish in 1:31 (VIC/RHO).

Kevin Hunt and Gerrie Du Plooy (DABS) were the first Sub Veterans to finish in 1:35, with the first K1 SV finisher being Alwyn Viljoen (CEN) in 1h50 – while  Mark Handley won the Master Category in 1h36 (VLC).

The first K3 finishers were a JCC crew (as were the 2nd K3 finishers!) – Warren Ziervogel, Richard De Sao Jose and Aidan De Vos in 1h37.

Richard Greef and Paulo Ferrao (FLO/VIC) were the first Veterans to finish in 1h37, and Peter Chissano (JCC) was the first Under 23 category winner in 1h38. David Browne was the Sub Grand Master first finisher as 13th K1, in 1h45 (Dabs).

JCC’s Thabo Selela and Bert Matruje were the Under 16 top juniors of the day finishing in 1:49, while Jaydon Hunt (Dabs) finished as first Under 16 K1 in 1:50.

So ended another wonderful if somewhat chilly day on the river as we end Winter and head for Spring with green buds on the willows,  and ducklings on the water !


Jennie Dallas